Dispelling the Widespread Myths About Root Canal

A root canal could make you feel distressed or uneasy if you’ve never had one. Some individuals wrongly believe that endodontic treatments like root canals are painful and must be prevented.

Prevalent Myths About Root Canal Treatment

If your dentist has just told you that you need a root canal, you possibly started investigating this standard but poorly understood oral procedure the second you walked out of the office. While it is true that the internet is a goldmine of information, it is additionally rife with doubtful websites and incorrect claims that can misguide the unwary.

The most common misconceptions and rumors about root canals and dental pain are listed below.

Myth 1: Pulling a tooth is better than a root canal.

Often, protecting a person’s natural tooth is better than pulling it. When teeth are extracted without a substitute, the outcome can be a misaligned bite. Your bite may be affected, and you may require more extensive treatment. Individuals may choose to have a tooth extracted if they are worried that it will need to be eliminated in the future due to cracks.

If this is your fear, you need to see a credible dentist from a clinic like San Jose dental clinic to determine the most significant action.

Myth 2: Root canal treatment is painful.

Although this may have been the case, today’s technology and anesthetics guarantee that the treatment will result in no more pain than filling a hole. When an endodontist does root canal therapy, they will remove the damaged tissue from the tooth to relieve the pain brought on by severe tooth pain. Damaged tissues in the tooth commonly cause this discomfort.

Additionally, endodontists are masters of pain management to ensure that many circumstances might be treated swiftly and without pain.

Myth 3: No pain means no root canal treatment.

Numerous teeth that require root canal treatment are entirely painless. Even if you’re not experiencing discomfort, you still need to see a dentist. If your dentist or endodontist thinks you need a root canal, they will check out the pulp of your tooth. Even if your tooth isn’t hurting, you may still need a root canal if it’s been injured or contaminated.

You must consult a dentist immediately if you see a pimple-like growth near your injured tooth. A fistula, more frequently known as a pimple, is a tube of tissue that enables the pus to drain from an infection. The need to treat the infection to stop it from spreading to healthy tissues is not to be underestimated.

Myth 4: The process of root canal therapy is prolonged. 

Root canal therapies can vary in length depending on the extent of the infection. Root canal therapy should be executed when the pulp inside a tooth becomes infected, inflamed, or has died. The pulp chamber is connected to the canals and the roots, which expand into the jawbone.

After the dental pulp has been removed during root canal therapy, the pulp chamber and canals will be sealed. By filling them, you can stop bacteria from entering and creating illness. On the other hand, if you are worried about the expense of having this treatment, you can visit several clinics to compare their root canal cost in San Jose


The therapy will not appear daunting when you understand what to expect throughout a root canal. Find a reliable root canal specialist in your area. They can put your mind at ease by describing what you can expect before, throughout, and after the treatment.


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