Quick and Easy Ways to Winterize Your House

It’s essential to ensure our homes are ready for winter’s challenges and weather worries as the bulk of the country braces for colder weather. If you want to make it through the winter with as little wear and tear as possible, you should get ready for the freezing temperatures and ice and snow storms that the season is known to bring. Following these guidelines can help you prepare your home ready for the coming of colder weather.

Clean and service your air conditioner.

At least once every two months during each season, you should have companies like LG Home Comfort to clean or replace the filter(s) in your air conditioner. More routine filter cleaning may be necessary if you have dogs with fur, frequently run the air conditioner, or live in a dusty area. Your air conditioner’s energy consumption can be cut by as much as 15% simply by maintaining a clean filter or replacing worn-out filters.

Never use a generator inside the house.

Don’t ever run a generator indoors, even with open doors and windows. Keep portable generators outside, far from windows, and away from the house. This winter, several people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by generators. Safeguard your loved ones by installing carbon monoxide detectors and checking them monthly.

Take precautions to keep your home warm.

There are numerous options for keeping warm during a power outage. Put up the shades or drapes to keep the heat in the room. Keep the heat in by closing off unused rooms and stuffing towels or rags beneath doors.

Fires in the home are more likely to start in the winter if proper safety precautions are not taken. Keep flammable things at least three feet away from any heat source, and never use more than one appliance at a time that generates heat (like a fireplace or radiator). Never turn on an oven or stove to warm a home.

In a power outage during the winter, it is possible to locate warming centers by contacting the local emergency services department.

Have someone inspect the furnace.

To ensure that your heating system is in tip-top shape this winter, it is a good idea to hire a professional HVAC technician as soon as the temperature drops. The technician will replace the filter, inspect the contacts and sensors, and disassemble the burners. Regularly inspecting the filter and replacing it when it turns brown or black can keep your appliance running smoothly. Pleated filters provide a larger surface area to capture particles than flat filters which can also be serviced by residential and commercial heating solutions in Vaughan.

Examine the outside of your home.

Have you seen any trees with brittle or damaged branches? Can ice or snow accumulate compound damage caused by summer rain on the parking lot? Have tree limbs grown to the point of touching or squeezing power lines?

This kind of work may be quite challenging to do in the winter. Plan ahead of time with repairs and proper maintenance, and you’ll have less to think about when the chilly weather finally arrives.


Getting your home ready for the winter might not be your first concern. After all, nobody likes to spend their leisure time fixing things, but getting a head start will let you rest easy knowing your house is in tip-top shape for the coming cold months. If you reside in a area with cold winters, now is the time to get your house and yard ready to kick back and enjoy when the temperature drops.


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