Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tattoo or Body Piercing Design

Tattoos and body piercings are becoming increasingly popular. Gone are those days when people viewed them as taboo or only for rebel types. Today, they are seen as a form of self-expression and body art.

If getting a tattoo or body piercing is in your plans, there are a few considerations you have to keep in mind before making your decision. Here are a number of helpful tips to help you choose the suitable tattoo or body piercing design:

1. Think about why you want one.

Before you get inked or pierced, think about why you’re doing it. Are you looking for something permanent or temporary? Something that conveys a certain message or symbolizes something important to you? Or are you just doing it for the sake of fashion?

2. Consider the placement.

Where you want to place your tattoo or body piercing is just as important as the design itself. Think about what part of your body you’re comfortable exposing and where you want the tattoo or body piercing to be seen.

For instance, nostril piercings are more visible, while a navel piercing can be easily hidden if you wear high-waisted pants. So, choose a design that’s appropriate for the placement. See this gallery of geometric shapes and other nostril piercings for ideas.

3. Choose a design that suits your personality.

Your tattoo or body piercing should reflect your personality. If you’re a creative type, you may opt for something unique and out-of-the-box. If you’re more conservative, then stick to classic designs.

4. Do some research.

Before settling on a design, research the different meanings and symbolism associated with tattoos and body piercings. This helps you narrow your choices and select a design representing your identity.

5. Get input from others.

Ask your friends and family for their opinion if you struggle with which design to pick. They know you best and are familiar with your personality. However, in the end, the decision is ultimately yours. So, go with your gut feeling and select the one you’re comfortable with.

6. Choose an experienced artist.

When it comes to tattoos and body piercings, you want to choose an experienced artist who can execute the design flawlessly. Ask around for recommendations or read online reviews before making your decision. You may visit if you’re nearby Halifax.

7. Take your time.

Don’t rush into getting a tattoo or body piercing just because it’s trendy or you’re feeling impulsive. This is a permanent decision, so take your time and ensure you’re 100% comfortable with your choice before going ahead.

8. Think about the pain factor.

Tattoos and body piercings can be painful. If you have low pain tolerance, you may want to consider a less painful option, such as earlobe piercings or a small tattoo on an area with less flesh.

You also have to think of the healing process. Some parts of the body take longer to heal than others. For instance, navel piercings can take up to 9 months to one year to heal completely. So, if you’re not patient enough to deal with the healing process, this may not be the right option for you. See this tattoo healing process from Skin Decision Halifax for aftercare instructions.

9. Consider the cost.

Tattoos and body piercings can be expensive, depending on the design, placement, and artist you choose. Do some research and compare prices before settling on a design.

The bottom line

Tattoos and body piercings are a great way to express yourself. If you don’t know where and how to start choosing the best design, consider the tips above. What’s important is that you are comfortable with your choice and will enjoy the design in the many years to come. Most importantly, choose an experienced artist to ensure the quality of your tattoo or body piercing and your safety.


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